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Protecting children from potential hazards online is something not to be taken lightly. Although there is no magic solution, however a few options are available for you so you could choose the most appropriate for your situation.

First of all, most operating systems are featured by a built in “Parental Controls”. Although they differ from operation system to another, basically they allow you to restrict activities you child is allowed to take partof online. On desktop computers it normally requires you to create a special login account for your child whileon mobile devices these settings are normally password protected.

More over there are online services, free or subscription based, that you can also use.

Here are a few examples:


It is a subscription based service. The costs are between $39.99 up to $89.99 per year according to number of devices you wish to use this service on. The service provides full content filtering (adult content, profanity), social media monitoring and online time management for your child.


Offers free and paid subscriptions ranging from €0 up to €96.95/yearBy installing software on your computer or mobile app it provides smart web filters and monitoring your all activities of your child online in addition to location tracking and SOS button for mobile devices for your child

OpenDNS Family Shield

Is a free service that provides parental controls for every device in your home, fraud protection, customisable filtering and restrictions.

None of these services is 100% hermetic and in no way is a substitute for educating your children on subject of online safety and potential dangers.
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